Social Services

Discharge Planning
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Phone : 323-663-8281 Ext. 216

There are different reasons why people are faced with the decision of entering a nursing home. Here at Garden Crest we understand that the decision can be a stressful one for both the person in need of nursing home care and for his/her family. We provide medically-related social services which assist our residents, our staff, and resident’s family with understanding and coping with the residents’ personal, emotional, and related health and environmental challenges while living in our facility.

We plan, develop, organize, implement and direct those social services which include:

  • Arranging for adaptive equipment, clothing and other personal items
  • Obtaining and monitoring outside services such as dental care, eye care, hearing, ENT, and podiatry.
  • Referral Services to assist residents with financial and legal matters.
  • Discharge Planning to arrange and provide resources to aid our residents with appropriate discharge from our facility.
  • Care Conferences: Meetings are scheduled to keep resident and family informed and updated in regards to plans of care and to maintain contact with families.
  • Advocacy: A service to assure that residents are aware of Resident’s Rights and assistance is provided to them in exercising those rights.
  • Assisting resident/family with applications for financial assistance from Government Agencies.
  • Counseling and Monitoring signs of stress and depression. Promoting communication and understanding to serve as alternatives to drug therapy or restraints.

There are many other social services that Garden Crest provides to our residents to help their lives be the best they can possibly be under the circumstances. If you need additional information about these services, please feel free to contact us.